Elder Law

Elder law encompasses a number of different areas.

  • It may be as simple as doing legal documents and advance planning before there is a problem with an aging senior.
  • It may also be putting a protective long term care plan in place for a frail senior whose physical or mental health may be declining. It may include planning that focuses on the assets and resources of an elder in order to qualify the elder for government benefits such as Medicaid or Veterans Assistance.
  • It may involve protecting the assets of an elderly person from the high cost of long term care.
  • It also, where possible, includes working with family members to understand available long term care options , to help them coordinate services and resources that assist in the care of their elderly family member and holding family meetings (with the elder if possible) to discuss everyone’s concerns and the roles that each person may take.
  • Elder law, despite the name does not always just deal with the elderly. Persons with developmental disabilities or special needs may require government benefits as well but their needs could be quite different from those of an elderly person. Life Care Plans for younger disabled persons are a significant part of Elder law services.

Special efforts are employed to protect vulnerable seniors and others with disabilities from unscrupulous persons or even family members who would take advantage of or abuse them.

Protection” is always the key word regardless of the service being provided. It is why we are here.