Compassion. Knowledge. Experience.

It appears there are many people who do not seek out attorneys for guidance before attempting to “do it themselves” because they believe the process will be intimidating or off-putting. At our offices, we have worked hard to make sure this is not the case and that everyone entering our door feels welcomed and comfortable. Our new clients are sometimes surprised by the warm atmosphere and often comment that “this doesn’t feel like a law office at all; it’s so non- imposing, comfortable and reassuring.” In addition to providing quality service, a comfortable, relaxed and warm atmosphere is our goal.

There are also those who resort to self-help to handle legal matters thinking that they cannot afford an attorney. The truth is that the self-help plan frequently doesn’t produce the intended results and turns out to be far more expensive than simply starting out with the right attorney. I want to be that attorney –the one to whom you are proud to send your friends, family and associates.